Rachel Lincoln - Country Music

Rachel Lincoln - Country Music

Rachel Lincoln is an Australian singer songwriter living in the US. Rachel, who has been singing her whole life, started her professional career as a musician back in Perth, Australia as a vocalist in a cover band and acoustic duo, performing in casinos, at weddings and at corporate events.

Wanting to take things to the next level, Rachel decided to focus fully on developing as an original artist. She started out writing electropop tracks and has placed as a finalist in the Song of the Year International Songwriting Contest in the Dance category. However, she has since made the transition into country pop, and has gone on to win awards in the country and adult contemporary genres.

Rachel felt drawn to the country genre as she’d always felt a strong connection to blues, soul and rock, all of which country can embody. Writing country music seemed natural for her and spending time out in Nashville made it clear to her that it was the right move.

Originating from a small rural country Australian town probably had something to do with that too. Rachel also loves playing the ukulele. When she was 12 she won a school singing competition and part of the prize included a gift certificate to a local music shop in her hometown. With it she got her first ukulele and taught herself to play, and still uses a ukulele when she starts out composing a new song.

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Rachel Lincoln, the country sensation, enchants audiences with her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, infusing each performance with authenticity and passion that leaves an indelible mark on country music fans. Listen to her latest releases on Spotify.

Married in Vegas

Married in Vegas

You've Got to Love You - Rachel Lincoln

You've Got to Love You

Rachel Lincoln - So Much Better

So Much Better

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Rachel Lincoln is a BIG Records artist.

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